😱 Halloween 2016! πŸŽƒ

Happy Halloween! I wanted to share the things that made this spooky season this this spooky season for me this year.


πŸ‚ An Autumn Body Scrub πŸ‚

With the cold weather comes more baths, and with baths I love body scrubs! Here is a recipe for an autumnal body scrub I tried to make with chai and various other spices.

πŸŽ‚ A Day Out: My Sister’s Birthday πŸŽˆ

Happy fall-almost-Halloween! My sister’s birthday went by recently, on Sunday a week ago, and my family and I had a day out to celebrate. I thought I would make a post about what I did.


The First Post! :) πŸ‘

Hello there! I call myself Bee, and welcome to my first blog post!