❄️ Snow Dogs- Pictures of a Winter Day πŸΆ

My dogs really wanted me to come outside and play in the snow with them, so I did! Here are some pictures of the day and some peaceful inspiration.


🍬 Three Products for the Peppermint Enthusiast πŸ¬

Christmas is just around the corner, and for some reason I have really been craving all things peppermint! Here are three peppermint products, two that are store-bought and one that is homemade, for the other peppermint-lovers out there!

🍳 3 Simple Breakfast Recipes Using Eggs πŸŒ

My counselor reminded me that eating breakfast was important, but she also specifically told me what kind of breakfast I should be having in the morning: one containing protein. Of course, there are many foods that have protein in them, but one ingredient more associated with breakfast that is rich with protein is egg. I thought for this post I would give simple, pretty obvious egg recipes that you can make in the morning for breakfast, or at any time. Who knows? It might boost your energy!

Life Update- Slight Health Problems

I doubt at this time that anyone legitimately reads my blog; I’ve only had it for a month, and now have posted for probably about a half of that month. Nevertheless, I wanted to do a post talking about why I haven’t written, or been on my blog, for a little while.