🍳 3 Simple Breakfast Recipes Using Eggs 🍌

Hello there!

I want to do a post on some egg recipes, but first, here is the background of why:

I went to my first session of counseling since my last post went up, and I will say that I think it was successful! It pretty much consisted of me overviewing what was bothering me and my counselor giving me her introductory thoughts on those things. We didn’t go into much detail, but I am hoping that, over the course of more sessions, I begin to feel better!

One particular thing that the counselor touched on was the importance of eating breakfast. Admittedly, sometimes I forget to eat breakfast, or I don’t eat a meal until a lot later in the day so I end up having only two real meals or less. And, to add on to that, the case for me is I don’t usually get hungry enough to have bigger meals after missing a meal or two, so on days where I forget to eat earlier in the day I don’t eat more later to make up for it, thus I end up eating less food and fewer calories than are healthy for daily intake and having less of a nutritious diet than if I would have eaten more meals earlier in the day.

So my counselor reminded me that eating breakfast was important, but she also specifically told me what kind of breakfast I should be having in the morning: one containing protein. I had heard before that eating protein in the morning could be helpful in boosting your energy level, so I wanted to give it a try. Of course, there are many foods that have protein in them, but one ingredient more associated with breakfast that is rich with protein is egg. Eggs are very versatile, and I like eggs, so I thought for this post I would share three simple, pretty obvious egg recipes that you can make in the morning for breakfast, or at any time. Who knows? It might boost your energy!

A Simple Onion and Potato Frittata

I’m not 100% certain about the definition of frittata, but I am just using it to describe scrambled eggs with some other ingredients inside them.


  • 2 eggs
  • Milk
  • Your choice of cheese (I use parmesan usually)
  • Olive oil (or any other type of oil for sautéing)
  • About ½ of a medium-sized potato
  • Onion, About the same amount as potato
  • Salt and pepper, or any other spices you like, to taste

First, dice up the potatoes and the onions into small pieces. I like to have the potato cubes to be less than one centimeter long.

Then, sauté the potato and onion pieces in a pan with the olive oil until everything is properly cooked and some pieces look golden brown. I also usually add some salt and pepper to the potato and onion at this part to make them more flavorful!


While this is cooking, combine the two eggs, a splash of milk, the cheese, and a bit of salt and pepper in a separate container.

Once the onion and potato pieces are all cooked, pour the egg mixture into the pan as well.


Mix the potatoes and onion with the egg mixture, and continue on as if you are scrambling eggs. Once the eggs are all cooked, you are done!


I ate some of it before I remembered to take a photo. The recipe yields more than this amount!

You can add more salt and pepper or other spices afterwards to add more flavoring, if you’d like.

Egg-and-Banana Pancakes

There are three things I want to say about this recipe: Number one is that it is not my own; I have seen it around before. Various people have recipes of a combination of eggs and banana to make pancakes. Number two is that I have tried making pancakes with just egg and banana, and it has a strange texture to it. To me, it tastes kind of squeaky, as if something slightly rubbery is rubbing against my teeth. So I added some ingredients to make it a texture that I liked more. And number three: I realized I forgot to take any pictures of this recipe. Whoops! They pretty much look like normal pancakes, except the texture looks more like that of French toast.


  • Two eggs
  • One banana
  • One heaping tablespoon of flour
  • ¼ teaspoon baking powder
  • Butter (for cooking in)
  • Nutella, syrup, or something else for eating them with

Get a container for mixing the ingredients. First, mash the banana up fully in the container. Then add the eggs, flour, and baking powder to the mashed banana. Once it is all combined, there should be about a cup of batter.

Prepare a pan for cooking the pancakes by allowing some butter to melt and spreading it around the pan. For cooking these pancakes, I usually choose a very small pan (small enough for the batter to take up the whole thing when I pour half of it in; the same size I used for the frittata).

Pour about half of the batter into the pan and put the lid on the pan (this, I believe, makes the top cook a bit so it isn’t all soupy when you try to flip it). Wait until the pancake has cooked to be golden brown on the bottom, and then flip it. After the pancake is golden brown on the other side, it is done! Repeat the process to make another pancake with the rest of the batter.

I have been eating these pancakes with Nutella on them; I love the chocolate and banana flavor together!

Sorry for no photos! Here’s a picture of my cat sat up on her hind legs, though, for good measure:


French Toast

I know most people already know how to make French toast, and I didn’t really even put a spin on it. I just wanted to include it because I had forgotten that French toast is another good breakfast that uses egg. Even though it may not be the primary ingredient, the egg in the french toast still is providing good protein!


  • 2 eggs
  • milk
  • two slices of bread (I used a flavorful pumpkin spice bread)
  • butter (for cooking in)
  • If you aren’t using a flavored bread, then you can also use a splash of vanilla and some cinnamon
  • Syrup for eating afterwards!

Combine the eggs, milk, and vanilla and cinnamon if you have it into a flat glassware or “Tupperware” container. Place the slices of bread, either one at a time or both at a time, into the mixture and let them soak. Once you feel they are soaked enough on one side, turn them over with a fork and let the other side soak.

Get out a pan and coat it evenly with the butter. Cook the French toast on each side until each side is golden brown.


Now it’s done! Serve it with syrup or whatever you like and enjoy.

And that’s it! I hope that you liked these recipes, or got some inspiration for some other types of simple egg breakfasts that you would like to try in the morning!

Happy frittata making!


Bee 🐝


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