🍬 Three Products for the Peppermint Enthusiast 🍬

Hello there!

Christmas is just around the corner, and for some reason I have really been craving all things peppermint! For me, peppermint is usually one of those things where a little goes a long way, and I get tired of it after a bit of exposure, but lately peppermint has been tasting and smelling great to me all the time.

Here are three peppermint products, two that are store-bought and one that is homemade, for the other peppermint-lovers out there!

“Twisted Peppermint” Bath and Body Works Body Spray


This smells like peppermint, with a sweet twist! The sweetness is nice, though; it isn’t transparent, but it’s not so pungent to the point where it’s sickening.

I didn’t usually like wearing this spray all the time because it smells so strong and very specific, as if it was a “character” smell, the same way that people may wear “character” makeup for certain occasions and not all the time, but now it is one of my favorite scents to wear, and I wear it constantly! I wish I had a room spray of this; I’d love my whole room to smell of peppermint!

I also have this in a lotion, but here’s a little warning about it: the mint in it makes my skin personally feel very cold, so I usually don’t use it all over my body. Maybe my skin is just sensitive, but I would suggest not using the lotion all over your body unless you’re okay with a slightly stinging, cold sensation.

Peppermint Body Scrub 


I have already posted a recipe for a fall-themed body scrub here, but the basic principals of the scrub (one part coconut oil, two parts sugar) can be used in all body scrubs! For this time of year, I wanted to make a festive peppermint body scrub. Here’s how to make it:


1 ½ cups sugar

¾ cup coconut oil

(again, it is one part oil, two parts sugar, so any combination of that will do, as long as it fits into the container you’re using!)

Peppermint essential oil

Red sugar sprinkles (for decoration)


Melt down the coconut oil and combined it with the sugar in a mixing bowl. After it is mixed, add a few drops of the peppermint oil, as many as you like, until it smells good to you. The thing about peppermint essential oil, and essential oils in general, is that a little goes a long way. If I add too much peppermint oil, I tend to pick up on a different, less pleasant sweet smell in the scrub. Try to be sparing.

After you get the scent that you want, add in some of the red sugar sprinkles and mix for decoration. The speckles of red in the scrub makes it look especially peppermint-y and cute, in my opinion!


After that, it’s done, and you can put it in a jar or another container and keep it by your shower or bath! Just like the peppermint lotion, the peppermint oil may be a bit cold on the skin, but I like it! I like the smell, and I also like the refreshing feeling the peppermint oil gives.

“Candy Cane” Chap Stick


I needed some more lip balm, and the first time I saw this advertised in the store, I wanted it so badly, but the only types of holiday Chap Sticks left were the sugar cookie and cake kinds. I was upset at this, but then I came home later to find two peppermint Chap Sticks sitting on the counter! My mom had found some at the store and bought them; I was so happy!


And I wasn’t disappointed. This Chap Stick is in the scent/flavor “candy cane”, and it really tastes and smells like candy canes! Because it is mint, again, it will make your mouth feel kind of cold, which may make some people uncomfortable (my sister tried some on, and she didn’t care for it), but I don’t mind it at all; in fact, I kind of like it! And I’m not the kind of person who is tempted to lick off lip balm that tastes good, so having a flavored and scented lip balm is nice, especially when it tastes like peppermint!

Those are the three products that I wanted to show! Does anyone else share my love for peppermint around the holidays, or is there another scent/flavor that you can’t get enough of? I also love the scent and taste of ginger and cloves, especially together, and I’d love to make more things with those spices before the holiday season ends!

Happy peppermint tasting!


 🐝 Bee


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