❄️ Snow Dogs- Pictures of a Winter Day 🐶


I was feeling a bit down the other day, as one does. My finals were about to be over for the semester, and I was looking forward to Christmas, but for some reason I didn’t feel happy about it. I was struggling that day, pretty much just partially studying while being online and reading to try to distract myself from sadness.

I had gone downstairs to eat some breakfast, and had let my dogs outside to play and go to the bathroom. They were out there for a while, and then one of them, Flour, a yellow lab, was at the door. She wanted to come inside (Winston, my other dog, usually stays out a lot longer than she does). I let her in and gave her a treat, and then I went back to eating my breakfast. And Flour sat beside me and stared at me.

I couldn’t decide if she wanted something or she was just hanging around me, so I didn’t do anything. Then she began to slightly bark and whine at me, wagging her tail. She was relentless with whatever she wanted to tell me, and kept making noises and looking at me with puppy-dog eyes. I thought about it, and realized that she had displayed similar behavior to my mom before. My mom would open the door for Flour to come inside after playing outside, and Flour would just stand there, staring. My mom started coming outside with her, and Flour would get so happy when she did. Although Flour wasn’t outside at this time, I assumed that this is what she wanted me to do.

So I put on my boots, gloves, hat, and coat, opened the door and followed Flour outside. I took some pictures of the beautiful snow, and my dogs playing in it, and I wanted to share them!


Here is Flour, excitedly walking along side me, as if she is very eager to show me the snow outside!


I had to be careful walking down the stairs because they were so snowy. I slipped a bit, and almost fell down a few times.


You can see how deep the snow is in this picture, and it is very beautiful!


It’s nice to slow down from everyday life in society and notice the natural world moving around you. It reminds you that there is something else out there that exists beyond our manmade creations.


The sky looked almost as white as the snow. I could hardly see anything beyond the fence.


Here’s Winston, lying in the snow; he loves it most of all!


Looks kinda like dinosaurs fighting!

Winston and Flour love to play together! Oftentimes, it looks intense, as if they are fighting, but they love it! Their tails are wagging the whole time.


After spending some time out in the snow, playing with my dogs and walking through the drifts, I was feeling a lot better about life in general. It reminded me of how simple-minded I was when I was younger, when I would be happy and satisfied looking at and playing in the snow, and how peaceful being in the cold and quiet snow really is. Looking to nature can always remind me of what’s important in life, and that some things don’t matter as much as they seem to if you just step back.

Life can be hard, but you really don’t need much more than a sweet little dog reminding you to go out and play in the snow!

Have a great day!


 🐝 Bee



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