Small Goodwill Haul

Hi! I gotta say, I love going to Goodwill to buy clothes. A lot of the clothing there is just my style; it’s stuff that people don’t want anymore because they’ve worn it a lot, or maybe they think it looks out-of-fashion, which is just my kind of fashion! I also like buying from them because … Continue reading Small Goodwill Haul


📹 First Vlog!

I just put up my first vlog!!! Honestly, I'm pretty excited, but I'm also really nervous... I feel like it's putting myself out there in a different way than I have ever done before, and I know that not many people will watch it, but it still is quite horrifying!

🍅 Doctoring Up A Can of Tomato Sauce: A Recipe

The last two posts I’ve done have been recipes, which wasn’t really supposed to be the case, but I just got done with dance competition season! I don’t want to make a whole other post just for the sake of it, and I had done this post already, so I thought why not? Two recipes in a row. I thought that I would talk about a pasta sauce that I like to make out of a simple can of tomato sauce.