Travel Diary, Day 6 – 🏰 Lichtenstein, 🐻Bear Caves, and 🏘 Reutlingen

I have been gone from this travel diary for a while because after getting back from Europe, I turned right around and travelled again to California to visit my grandparents there. I still have quite a few days to go, so here’s day 6! On this day, we did three activities: we saw Lichtenstein Castle, went to some bear caves, and went to Reutlingen.


Travel Diary, Day 5 – Rothenburg

Welcome to day 5 of my travel diary! This is one of my favorite days on the whole trip; we went to a little old town called Rothenburg! Rothenburg is a town that has a well-preserved medieval town inside of it that is surrounded by a wall. It is really cute, and very interesting to see it!

Travel Diary, Day 4 – Stuttgart

Welcome to day 4 of my travel diary! This is the day that we went to Stuttgart, a bigger city in Germany. Our plan was to sightsee, and pretty much just walk around to look at everything.


Travel Diary, Day 3 – The Black Forest

Welcome to my travel diary, day 3! This is the day where we went to the Black Forest, which was very nice! The Black Forest is a very large forest in Germany that many people in Germany consider to be a central part of their culture. There’s special Black Forest cake, Black Forest hats, and other things to celebrate it! I think that’s pretty cool.


Travel Diary, Day 2 – Bietigheim-Bissingen

Welcome to day 2 of my travel diary! On the second day, my family and I visited Bietigheim-Bissingen, which is a place that our extended family in Germany wanted to show us. I have some pictures of the experience!


✈️ Travel Diary, Day 1 – Getting There

I went to Germany and France for two weeks! It was the beginning of the two weeks, and so far, it had been a wild ride! The first day had to do almost solely with traveling to Germany, the first place that we were staying. Technically, because my time zone is 9 hours behind where we were staying, this post covers the first two days!


🍟 Statusfries- An Attempt at an Episodic Series

First of all, I have been on a trip, so I haven't posted in a long time, but I'm back now, so hello! I have decided to try my hand at an episodic series that have many non-cohesive segments called Statusfries!