Travel Diary, Day 2 – Bietigheim-Bissingen


Welcome to day 2 of my travel diary!

On the second day, my family and I visited Bietigheim-Bissingen, which is a place that our extended family in Germany wanted to show us. I have some pictures of the experience!


I loved this storefront, with plants seemingly growing out of the walls!

We walked around a really cute little town area, and I kept thinking how cool it would be to live in the middle of all of it, in a little apartment on top of the shops. My family was actually looking for an apartment very close to here to stay, and it would have been really great place to, except for we only would have had one bathroom, and for 7 people, that may have been a little tough.

We saw a swan, as well as some ducks, when we were walking by some water.


There was also this cool fountain! I don’t know what it is supposed to represent, but it’s pretty!


We walked across this scenic bridge as well…

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And then we saw some landscape architecture where some water flowed from one pool to the other. It was a really pretty garden!

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The design of many of the houses was really beautiful, and different from what I am used to! Most of the buildings had exposed beams, which was customary to have in the past.


At the end of the traditional street where we were walking, there was a huge sculpture, which consisted of many horses stacked on top of one another, each one smaller than the one below it. I don’t know the significance of the structure, because I couldn’t read anything about it as I don’t speak or read German, but it was still fun to admire.


Near the horse sculpture was this building, which had a bunch of heads of famous people on its outside. It was pretty interesting to look at!

We then had lunch. It was good, and the first of many meals that consisted of spätzle and a meat. Spätzle is a southern German noodle made with egg, and it is very filling, so the whole time in Germany I felt pretty stuffed!


Here is a painting from inside the restaurant where we ate!

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Next, we went to a museum that showed things about the town and how it was in the past, which was pretty fun to see.


There was a big playmobile toy outside of the museum!

After visiting the museum, we had some gelato, which we had almost everyday in Germany (my mom had told my youngest sister that, while on vacation in Germany, we could have ice cream every day, and she was pretty ecstatic about it!) and then went back to the house.

After that, we had some dinner with family at their house, which was great! It was more of a traditional meal as well. In the United States, if there is to be one big meal in the day, it is usually customary for dinner to be it. But, in Germany, usually lunch is the biggest meal, and dinner is a meal consisting of appetizers, like different types of breads, meats, cheeses, and vegetables, which is what we had. It was very good!

And that concludes the second day of the travel diary! I hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorrow!

Happy spätzle eating!


Bee 🐝



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