Travel Diary, Day 3 – The Black Forest


Welcome to my travel diary, day 3! This is the day where we went to the Black Forest, which was very nice!

The Black Forest is a very large forest in Germany that many Germans consider to be a central part of their culture. There’s special Black Forest cake, Black Forest hats, and other things to celebrate it!


I was kind of assuming that the Black Forest would be black, but of course it’s green; it’s just that its immense size creates dark shadows (inevitably). Driving there was windy (as in winding up a toy, the wind wasn’t blowing) and we drove through a few really cool small towns.

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We drove down into a valley and back up again, I believe. The view from the mountain was really pretty!

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We had a trail that we walked along in the forest which was high above the ground. It was cool to see the forest from this angle, plus there were some obstacle sections that made it look as if you were trying to navigate through the actual trees, which was pretty fun!

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We walked until we made it to a huge slide, with a curving path leading up higher above the forest.

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The view from the top of this path was very cool, and the forest seemed to extend for as far as the eye could see in all directions!

The majority of my family opted for going down the slide, but I  didn’t feel like it. Just to put it into perspective, I am majorly NOT a roller coaster person; I like my rides and my slides to be tame! But I am actually glad I didn’t go down the slide, because my sister and my uncle both slightly fell off of the mat that they were supposed to slide down on and got major burns on their elbows and knees. It did not look pleasant, and honestly that’s what I was partially afraid of; there weren’t many safety precautions. Most people, though, made it down the slide unscathed!


The trout by the restaurant!

After the curving slide, we went to have lunch at a little place that had very fresh fish. They had trout swimming in little pools as you came up to the restaurant, which was pretty fun, and the food was very tasty!

Something interesting about the meals in Germany and France is that it isn’t customary to have butter with your bread at a restaurant. At home, it may be, but when you are eating out? Apparently it’s not a thing!

And at this place, much like the other places we went, sparkling water was the norm, and they had no other water. That is what’s strange to me. I can understand that a culture may prefer to have sparkling water, but a lack of any other type of water entirely seems odd. To me, non-sparkling water seems like such a humanistic, instinctual, basic thing to crave, so not having even the option to have it was weird to me when we were staying in Germany especially.

After lunch, we went to an amusement park-like place that had another slide. There are videos of this slide or a similar slide all around the Internet; you can see people zipping through the Black Forest on a big metal slide, down the mountain quite a ways. It seemed fun, and there was a lot of pretty scenery! So, naturally, I wanted to try it out! But I didn’t end up getting any pictures, because it wasn’t the best of times.

I went down with my youngest sister, and I assumed that it would be fine, even though there aren’t many safety restraints. We were sitting atop a little sled-like thing that let you control the speed of your ride. At first, we rode up the mountain on a little contraption that pulled us to the top backwards while we sat on the sled. Then, at the top, we got off the sled and someone helped us put it on the slide to go down the mountain. We sat on the sled and we were off, and it all seemed fine! But then, we began to lean to the side, as if the sled itself was uneven. We didn’t know why, but the sled wasn’t moving very fast, and it kept tilting despite our efforts to lean the opposite way. Twice we fell off of our sled, as it was leaning too much, or we almost went off of the track completely. It was kind of strange and different than what I was expecting. It was more stressful than fun. We almost got run into by some other people coming down the mountain at one point, because we had stopped and they were coming around a blind corner and had to brake fast. But they ended up stopping and were kind enough to hold our sled in place as my little sister and I got back on to go down.

After getting to the bottom of the slide, I was relieved that it was over. But then I felt my pocket which was holding my phone and realized that it was gone! I had no idea where it would have fallen off; it probably slid out of my pocket when my sister and I slid off of the sled. But, luckily, the same people that helped us with our sled before arrived at the bottom of the slide shortly after we did, and they had seen my phone and gave it to me! Unfortunately, the phone was laying on the track of the slide, and they had not stopped in time, so their sled ran over it and my phone now has a bunch of skid marks on it. But, thankfully, it is just the case of the phone that is messed up; it seems that the actual phone is okay, and it works totally fine!


The view outside the restaurant window!

After that last Black Forest activity, we went to have dinner with our family and some of their friends at a restaurant, this time to celebrate my grandmother’s and my uncle’s birthdays. That was fun, and during that time, our luggage was finally delivered to us! After this birthday dinner, we had some dessert. I was so excited to have some Black Forest cake, which I was told was a chocolate layered cake with cherries inside, but, I was a bit disappointed to find when the cake came out that it was pretty much a cherry pie (I love chocolate). But it was good anyways!

When we got home, our luggage was waiting for us, with the promise of fresh pajamas and clothes for the rest of the trip! It was such a relief!

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I hope you enjoyed day 3 of my travel diary! I’ll end with a tip: be very careful riding the slides in the Black Forest, because they may give you skid burns or you may topple over on your sled. There aren’t as many safety measures as in the United States in terms of ride-like things; you’re expected to do more yourself and they won’t hold your hand through anything, so just be aware of that and be safe!

Happy sliding!


Bee 🐝


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