Travel Diary, Day 4 – Stuttgart


Welcome to day 4 of my travel diary! This is the day that we went to Stuttgart, a bigger city in Germany. Our plan was to sightsee, and pretty much just walk around to look at everything.


First, to get to Stuttgart, we took a train. I think it was the first time that I have ever taken a real, actual train anywhere!

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We arrived at a big station in Stuttgart, which had some little shops, pieces of artwork (there was one statue-like display that was a bunch of chocolates on top of each other!), and pigeons. The pigeons will become a theme on this trip!

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The city was big and very pretty. It had a lot of sights to see, like historical streets, where there were fountains, big buildings, and old palaces.


We stopped for a drink, and I got a Fanta. I think Fanta is the Coke of Germany and France; many restaurants offer it, and I’m pretty sure it just means an orange-y soda, but they usually serve it with the Fanta bottle, so I guess it’s usually all Fanta!

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We then went into a building that had an elevator up to a room with glass walls so you could see a view of the city! It was very beautiful!

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Here is an interesting gift shop that we entered, with some unique trinkets.


So many of the streets in Germany were made with this pattern; it was interesting to me. I wonder why? Is it a style people like, or did it serve a purpose?

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Another really amazing place that we went was a world market, which had so many different types of food!

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I got a few pictures of that, but one of my other favorite parts of this market is what they had upstairs, which is a bunch of home décor items, plus some beauty products. One of my favorite styles is shabby/cottage chic, and they had a whole section devoted to it! It was so fun to walk through!

We went to have lunch in a cafeteria-like restaurant inside of a shopping center. I was excited to find some pasta (ravioli) because I hadn’t had it in a while and I was relieved to eat something a bit different than the normal German meals that I had been eating.

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After lunch, we looked through the mall just for a bit and saw some some lederhosen and dirndls, and they looked quite fancy! They even had a style of lederhosen meant for women, which was cool!


After that, I don’t think we did much else! We walked around a bit more, got on the train, and went back to the house!

I hope you enjoyed the fourth travel diary day! It was mostly just walking around, so I didn’t have that much to say; mostly there were just pictures I wanted to share!

Happy Fanta ordering!


Bee 🐝


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