Travel Diary, Day 5 – Rothenburg

Hi there!

Welcome to day 5 of my travel diary! This is one of my favorite days on the whole trip: we went to a little old town called Rothenburg!

Rothenburg is a town that has a well-preserved medieval town inside of it surrounded by a wall. It is really cute, and very interesting to see!

A lot of this day will be pictures, because there were so many sights to see and it was so amazing! It kind of reminded me of Disneyland; it wasn’t that it was immaculate, but it seemed like everything was perfectly put together and themed. I found it very aesthetically pleasing!

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We walked through an archway to get into the town. The first thing we did was climb along the outer wall. We could see there were areas cut out of the wall where people could have put guns if they ever had to protect the town.

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From the wall, you could see some cool angles of the town.

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We climbed up a lot of stairs to reach the top of a tower that we used to look over everything. It almost looked fake to me, as I had only seen rooftops like this in movies!

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After leaving the tower and the wall, we walked around Rothenburg a bit. There were a bunch of cute little streets and shops.

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We then had lunch, and afterwards, went to see a very big church. On the way, we saw a mini map of the town, as well as a strange creature looking out a window.

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We then went into some shops, namely a Teddyland shop, which is apparently a very famous brand of teddy bear, to look around. There were some cute things in there! I particularly liked the bottom middle brown bear in this postcard, but for some reason, I didn’t think to get it.


There was also another shop that replicated swords and other items from movies. There were some swords from Lord of the Rings in there. I was looking specifically for the infamous “Sting” blade, of course, but they didn’t seem to have it! But it was still a fun novelty shop to go through.

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The next shop that we went into was one that was completely Christmas themed, and stepping inside was like entering a world of its own. It was like a mini version of the outside, with the ceiling painted a dark blue complete with stars to look like the sky, and with different sections made to look like little individual shops for you to step inside. I love Christmas, so this was a really cool store to walk through. I figured out a bit of the way through the store that no pictures were allowed, but I managed to get a few. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the most amazing thing, which was a gigantic Christmas pyramid! A Christmas pyramid is a wooden pyramid that has some figures and scenes on it, like a nativity scene, that turns because of candles that heat up the air below and push a fan up top. And this Christmas pyramid was probably more than 15 feet high, with a base that was the size of a small room! I loved it so much!

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After the Christmas store, we went into a couple of other small gift shops and walked around a bit more. We saw a pretty view overlooking some buildings and the forest below, which was neat.


The last thing that we did in Rothenburg was get some treats! We got a specific type of treat that is made by putting dough into a spherical container, frying it, and then putting toppings on top. We got one with just sugar and one with chocolate!

After Rothenburg, we went grocery shopping at the end of the day. I like to see the small differences in common, everyday things when I visit a new place, and this German grocery store looked different than what I am used to. The grocery store had shorter aisles, so it was kind of strange to see everything from anywhere you were standing.

And that’s the end of day 5! I hope you enjoyed it! Like I said before, it was one of my favorite days because Rothenburg was so fun to walk through!

Happy tower climbing!


Bee 🐝


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