🎢 Travel Diary, Day 7 -Tripsdrill 

Hi there!

Welcome to day 7 of my travel diary!

Today, we went to a German theme park called Tripsdrill! There isn’t that much that happened on this day to talk about because it was just a theme park, but there is a bit!


A huge jug pouring out green water… ?


The whole place looked kind of like some of the towns we had visited before!

Tripsdrill pretty much has an olden-days southern Germany theme, so you can see the style of housing, as well as the hanging clothes between the windows in the streets!


There was an animatronic man in an outhouse that opened and closed, and he spit water on you! It was a pretty strange “exhibit”, but funny at the same time!

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It’s kind of hard to describe, but my favorite part of the park were these obstacles that you had to go over! In one place, the floor would move side to side, in another place, forward and backward. One place had the floor move up and down in circles, and another had your feet be moved at separate times. The most intimidating thing, though, was a hamster wheel-like contraption that was already set in motion, which you had to jump into and run across to get through. I was so nervous that I would fall on it, but I had a strategy of running a bit diagonally, and it worked out pretty well! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

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We rode on quite a few rides. One of them was a boat ride with some water guns for squirting other boat riders. You just followed a track and got people wet! Another ride, one that I didn’t go on, kind of resembled the old Disneyland Tower of Terror ride, where you go up and down, but it had a “climbing up a tree” theme:


And this animatronic guy kept climbing up and down the rope!


This ride leads me to believe that some people in Germany lived out here like this in the forest in the past; maybe logging communities? I wonder if that was the case!

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There were many more animatronics than that. There were some in windows, some putting on a show, and some that may have not been animate at all, but were just sitting there.

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There was some very pretty scenery there as well.


Decoration at the bathtub log ride

One of my favorite rides was the log ride, but they had a bathtub theme. You rode on the bathtub, first forwards. Then the ride tricked you into thinking you were going down a little drop, but then put you down a good sized drop backwards before turning you around and putting you forwards down the big drop! While the log ride was going, you went into a dark room where the supposed “fountain of youth” was, and there was a whole scene of a bunch of naked women going into the fountain old and coming out young, complete with a bunch of weird-looking men just hanging around. We had a 6-year-old with us at one point, but I think that this scene went over his head! That, or maybe he didn’t end up going on that ride!

There were some big roller coasters there, but of course, I didn’t go on any of them. As I have said before, I really freak out on those things. I could hardly handle the speed of the slide in the black forest, let alone something that goes upside-down!

And that is all for day 7! I hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow is the day that we head to Paris, so that’s exciting!

Happy outhouse snooping (maybe not, actually)!


Bee 🐝


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