šŸ‘š Outfit of A Day: Fall Lentils

Hello there!

The title of this may seem weird, but the last time I wore this sweater, I was out at my town’s annual Lentil Festival (also weird, but true!) and one of my little sisters commented that my sweater looked kind of festive because the stripes were a similar color to various types of lentils!


For this day, I wore the “lentil” sweater, a jean skirt, and black tights. For my shoes, I ended up wearing the boots that I put in my first favorite things video.Ā 


Here is a close-up of the sweater. It is shorter (maybe even enough to consider it cropped) and has horizontal stripes that are yellow, green, white, and red-orange on a black backdrop. I believe I got this at Target not too long ago; maybe in the summertime.


Here is the jean skirt! It’s simple, and I think jean skirts like this are very versatile. I got this from Target as well, but I think it’s from more of a long time ago.


And here is the full outfit again! I love sweaters, and wearing skirts with tights in the winter, so this was a really fun outfit for me to wear. I hope you liked it too, and maybe it gave you some outfit inspiration!

Happy lentil eating!


Bee šŸ


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