Coconut Oil As A Hair Mask: Test

Hello there!

Last night, I wanted to try something different with my hair. Usually, I don’t use hair masks, just shampoo and conditioner, and rarely use products after I have washed my hair. For some reason, my hair became very tangly every time I washed it after I dyed it balayage about a year ago now. I don’t know if it happened to be around the same time as a hormonal change, or if my hair is just growing out and still feeling the repercussions of this dye job. My hair can already be very soft, but it isn’t very sleek and still gets tangly quite often.

So I decided to put coconut oil on my hair and leave it on overnight as a hair mask!


My greasy, oiled-up hair! It almost looks wet.

First I rubbed the coconut oil all over my head of hair. This was kind of difficult, and I might recommend warming it up a bit in the microwave first to make it more viscous. You can still wait for it to warm up in your hands, like I did. It took quite a bit of time to cover everything, as I didn’t want to miss anything, including the whole of my scalp and the hair ends.

Then I slept on it! I put a towel down on my pillow and let the coconut oil do its work overnight. My head did feel very greasy (and look very greasy!) but I didn’t mind.


You can see a bit more shine on my hair than I usually have…

The next morning, I washed off the coconut oil in the shower. I used a clarifying shampoo, and I washed my hair with it 3 times to make sure I got everything off. Then I conditioned like normal. I realized that it was easier for my hair to suds up with the shampoo, which maybe is because the coconut oil repelled the water and made it contribute directly into the bubbles instead of soaking into the hair? I’m not sure, but this is my hypothesis of sorts. Conditioning was easier, too, and while my hair was still tangly at times in the shower, it was so much easier to work with!


I knew the real test would be for after my hair dried, so I let it air dry for a while. Now it is all the way dry, and I like the results! As I said before, my hair usually doesn’t have problem being soft, but it usually is tangly and not sleek. But this helped out a little bit! It made my hair more shiny, which I like, and it does still feel a bit softer, and a bit less tangly. My scalp also has the tendency to get more itchy in the winter time, and the coconut oil also seemed to moisturize my head and make it feel a bit better!


Overall, I think it didn’t make a huge difference in my hair for the first time, but it did make a noticeable difference, and if I keep doing this hair treatment, I’m sure that the results will be better! Maybe you’ll try it, too! What is it like for you?

Happy shampooing!


Bee 🐝


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