๐ŸŽข Travel Diary, Day 7 -Tripsdrillย 

Welcome to day 7 of my travel diary! Today, we went to a German theme park called Tripsdrill! There isn't that much that happened on this day to talk about because it was just a theme park, but there is a bit!


Travel Diary, Day 5 – Rothenburg

Welcome to day 5 of my travel diary! This is one of my favorite days on the whole trip; we went to a little old town called Rothenburg! Rothenburg is a town that has a well-preserved medieval town inside of it that is surrounded by a wall. It is really cute, and very interesting to see it!

Travel Diary, Day 3 – The Black Forest

Welcome to my travel diary, day 3! This is the day where we went to the Black Forest, which was very nice! The Black Forest is a very large forest in Germany that many people in Germany consider to be a central part of their culture. Thereโ€™s special Black Forest cake, Black Forest hats, and other things to celebrate it! I think thatโ€™s pretty cool.